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Laura Turner - Voice of Heaven - EP Cover Artwork
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Laura Turner
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(09 May 2013) Laura Turner's breakthrough album was Soul Deep (feature) released in 2003. The album emerged at the beginning of the female vocalist classical crossover movement, when artists like Emma Shapplin and Izzy were being introduced alongside Sarah Brightman and others. Laura's album drew critical acclaim worldwide. A selection of various dance-oriented remixes of the album's title track (YouTube) followed shortly thereafter on the artist's label, Curb Records. Interest in Laura's work was significant, but a quiet period followed Soul Deep. Read much more about Laura Turner in our exclusive 2013 interview.

A two-track Chrismas single released in 2010 was the first new Laura Turner material to emerge since her 2003 album. Laura Turner Christmas is comprised of "Mary Sweet Mary" and "Come As You Are." The two tracks feature sounds of the season and also provide a great backdrop for Laura's fantastic voice. Although sung in a lower register, "Mary Sweet Mary" also includes segments in her crystalline soprano range. "Come As You Are" is performed similarly with arrangements that blend Christmas sounds with strong rhythmic pop stylings. Two years later Laura released the Voice of Heaven single with the title track backed with "The Lord's Prayer." These two releases are listed in the Christian and Gospel genre at iTunes.

The two tracks from the 2012 single have been carried forward and sequenced alongside three all-new songs in the artist's five-track EP, Voice of Heaven (Laura Turner (USA) 634533217, 2013) [iTunes]. The EP has a running time of a modest 22 minutes. Graced with Laura Turner's stunning and crystalline vocal work, some of the recorded material--especially that produced by David Huff--is stylistically in the vein of Soul Deep yet here combines Christian and Gospel lyrics with the classical crossover style. Laura Turner is absolutely back.

The well-arranged title track (YouTube) establishes the inspirational theme of Laura's new music. In addition to highlighting the artist's tremendous solo power, a self-backed chorus adds texture to the overall arrangement. The tender piano-based ballad "Arms of Love" is sung primarily in a lower register although it is not without passages that remind listeners that Laura Turner is a classically trained soprano. The rhythm section adds strength and pop stylings to the arrangement. We were enthralled with the perfectly delivered vocal power that develops in the track's crescendo.

The upbeat pop track "I Cry" has absolutely the strongest allusion to material from the Soul Deep album. Also produced by David Huff, setting lyrical message aside, listeners might think the song comes from the sessions that created such timeless material. Listen to the robust arrangements and wide vocal range--including Laura's soaring soprano vocalise--within this standout.

The rhythmic ballad "Perfect Trinity" is sung atop piano and lush acoustic and electric guitar-laden orchestral arrangements. Laura's powerful vocals are delivered entirely in her lower register and are set well above the instrumentals. The EP concludes with Laura's crystalline operatic rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" sung primarily atop a piano arrangement and light self-backed harmonies. The song develops with additional arrangements and vocal power towards its crescendo. It is truly stunnning.

The Voice of Heaven EP clearly re-establishes Laura Turner in the female vocalist mainstream and points her in a direction that will expand her audience, bring her worldwide acclaim and establish inspiration for further recording projects.

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