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tonight and the rest of my life
Image © 2000 Warner Brothers Records 

(30 September 2000) Former Veruca Salt co-founder, singer, songwriter, guitar player Nina Gordon's debut solo album is entitled Tonight And The Rest Of My Life (Warner Brothers Records (USA) 47746-2, 2000). The album is comprised of thirteen alternative pop oriented tracks with "melodies that linger, lyrics that speak the truth and performances that bring it all to life. In short, Nina Gordon has delivered an album that's both timely and timeless."

The album was produced by Bob Rock and was recorded in Hawaii. The lineup includes Jon Brion (Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple and Macy Gray), Stacy Jones (drums), Michael Eisenstein (guitars) and Scott Riebling (bass). "Standout tracks range from the wry and revealing "Now I Can Die" to the heartbreakingly tender "Hold On To Me," from the cinematic progressions of "New Years Eve" to the scathing anti-love song "Hate Your Way." It is in fact, that rearest of musical entities—an album to play all the way through ... again and again. That's not entirely surprising, however, considering the artist's musical pedigree."

In addition to the album, Musical Discoveries was provided a stunning promotional video of the album's title track. The artist's visual performance is certainly as dramatic and enticing as the compact disc. Nina commented on the creative context of the album, "I have a feeling of knowing exactly who I am right now." She continued, "I'm very much in touch with myself. There have been times when I've sat down and tried to write and it was like someone else speaking through me. And then there are times when I've felt something unique and personal shining through. Those are the moments, both as a songwriter and as a person, that are most gratifying and they're all over this record."

Vocally Nina Gordon can be most closely compared to Andrea Corr although the song structures on this debut album differ significantly from The Corrs' earlier albums. However, Nina's debut can be closely compared to the Corrs most recent release In Blue (143 Records (UK) 7567833522, 2000), with the exception of several extremely pop-oriented tracks such as "Badway." Layers of vocals further simulate The Corrs' sound.

Artwork accompanying the compact disc is simple but the sensual photos of the artist add to the overall effect. She's a very attractive young woman. We found Nina Gordon to be a wonderful vocalist and quite enjoyed the blend of upbeat pop-oriented tracks with evocatively sung ballads. Her power is more notable than her range which perfectly suits the style of her songwriting.

You can order the Nina Gordon's album Tonight And The Rest Of My Life from amazon.com here as well as the import version with its bonus track here. Worthy of further exploration, especially for Andrea Corr and Big Sky (review) fans, we found the album extremely enjoyable, worth a journey and certainly a must listen!

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