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The Reasoning - And Another Thing ... - EP Cover Artwork
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image © Comet Music 2012

Rachel Cohen (lead vocals)
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Rachel Cohen (lead vocals)
image © Comet Music 2012

(16 March 2012) The Reasoning was founded by Matthew Cohen and colleagues following his departure from Magenta. Fomer Karnataka lead singer, Rachel Jones, joined the band providing some lead and backing vocals as their first album Awakening (Comet Music (UK) CM10207, 2007) was being completed. She is also pictured in the album's four page booklet. The Reasoning's debut album has a mix of styles spanning progressive, album-oriented rock and metal-edged influences.

By 2008's Dark Angel, the band experienced some lineup changes as Rachel Cohen moved into the lead vocalist spotlight. Extensive touring, release of an EP, a DVD and a live recording of their performance at ROSFest led to their broader acclaim. Their ROSFest live performance is commemorated in 2011's Live In The USA: The Bottle of Gettysburg. We are informed by correspondents that the live album and the Highway to High Voltage DVD do an outstanding job of capturing the band's live vibe.

A delightful collection of acoustic renditions of the band's nine most popular numbers entitled Acoustically Speaking (Comet Music (UK) CM061210, 2010) illustrates how Rachel has become the frontwoman of The Reasoning. In addition to her work with The Reasoning, Rachel is not only active on FaceBook, maintaining a broad following worldwide, but she is also in the final stages of completing her PhD.

The Reasoning lineup today is Rachel Cohen (vocals, percussion); Owain Roberts (guitar); Tony Turrell (keyboards, piano, backing vocals); Matthew Cohen (bass, additional guitars, programming, backing vocals); and Jake Bradford-Sharp (drums). In early 2012, The Reasoning was signed to Esoteric / Cherry Red label. The band's first release on the new label is due in September 2012.

The last self-release by The Reasoning is a four-track EP entitled And Another Thing ... (Comet Music (UK) CM080312, 2012). It is available as a digital download and in physical form. The four tracks span The Reasoning's style nicely and tease listeners with expectations of the next full length album. "One By One" is an upbeat rock song that shows the band in top form. Rachel's lead vocals are presented in the lead and backing harmonies; band members join with backing vocal duties, show their chops during the instrumental bridge and provide superb arrangements in the standout track.

Listen for Rachel's evocative and crystalline lead "Apophenia," which begins, in contrast, as lightly arranged piano-based ballad before the richer progressive arrangement laced with thick guitar develops in the bridge and supports the powerful vocal harmonies that lead to the light conclusion of the song. "Pale Criminal" is a memorable verse-chorus rock number that blends acoustic guitar with electronic instrumentation. In addition to the vast electric guitar excursions that develop in the track, listen for Matthew Cohen's great Chris Squire-styled bass playing in the rhythm section.

The Reasoning's new EP concludes with "21 Grams." 21 Grams is a 2003 American drama film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and written by Guillermo Arriaga. It stars Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Danny Huston, and Benicio del Toro. Inspired by the film's concept and somewhat more downtempo than the other three on this EP, Rachel's crystalline vocals contrast metal-band styled spoken words by other band members and the crunching guitar lines and powerful keyboards.

The Reasoning are advancing from strength to strength and have been making good progress towards their September 2012 release. Wish them good fortune in the completion of this highly anticipated project. In the meantime, support the band by listening to this stunning And Another Thing ... EP.

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