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An ever-growing list of changes made to, and futherplans for, Musical Discoveries. Also check out thelatest news on our Featured Artists!

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Sleepthief "Labyrinthine Heart" CD Giveaway!

Universal Music Distribution has provided us three Labyrinthine Heart CDs to give away to Musical Discoveries visitors that read our feature and correctly answer these two questions: (1) How many individual female vocalists sing on Labyrinthine Heart? (2) Who, by name, are the new contributors to Sleepthief on this new album? CDs will be mailed to the first, sixth and twelfth people that answer both questions correctly. E-mails must have "Sleepthief CD Giveaway" in the subject line and include your name and postal details. (Updated 20 September 2009: giveaway completed.)

(04 September 2009)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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