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Musical Discoveries Thanks British and Israeli Artists!

Musical Discoveries editorial staff just completed a sabbatical that included concerts with Mermaid Kiss, Breathing Space and Mostly Autumn in England. The staff also attended Savannah's last performance with Xamavar in Tel Aviv, Israel. We'd like to thank the artists for their hospitality and congratulate them on these stunning live performances.Check out our review of the Mermaid Kiss album Etarlis and interview with their vocalist Evelyn Downing. Also read our review of the Breathing Space album and their vocalist Olivia Sparnennn. Although our review of the new album Glass Shadows is still under construction, read our review of the band's 2007 album, Heart Full Of Sky.Be sure to check out our review of Savannah Zwi's and Xamavar's demo recordings. With the singer and the band now going their separate ways, watch this space for exciting developments in Savannah's solo career and Xamavar's future direction.

(02 July 2008)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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