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Progaid Recording Session Story Now Online!

Rob Reed (Magenta) and F2 Music are currently in production of a CD single entitled "All Around The World" to raise money for the victims of the Tsunami disaster in Asia. All artists will be giving their time for free and all profit from the sale of the single will be given to the disaster fund. The project, called Progaid, involves a significant number of great musicians--including Magenta, Tracy Hitchings, Rachel Jones, Heather Findlay, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Jonathan Edwards, Paul Davies, Martin Orford, Troy Donockley and many others--familiar to our readers. The single will be released later this month.Our story of the Progaid recording session on 29 January 2005 is now online. Read comments by David Robinson, Matthew Cohen, Rob Reed, Rachel Jones and others in this all new story.

(01 February 2005)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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