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Kristy Thirsk "Souvenir" Update!

The first single from Souvenir entitled "Run Away" will be released on 01 February 2004 with the official Canadian album release on Maple/Universal to follow on 01 March 2004. A video to promote "Run Away" is being made in February. We are informed that the album will include the pop sounding and summery bonus track "Over It." The Maple/Universal album will also include a different cover photo. For further information visit Kristy's website.Our exclusive interview with Kristy Thirsk accompanies a review of her first official solo album Souvenir in a new article. It is illustrated with original photos of Kristy taken for the album's artwork by Johann Wall. Kristy is also recognised by being added to Musical Discoveries' featured artist page.

(11 January 2004)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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