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December 2003 Digest Now Online!

Our final major update for 2003 includes the publication of our December digest. Read reviews of new albums by Wilshire, Eden's Bridge and Troy Donockley as well as progressive projects by IQ and Martin Orford. Demo recordings by Jody Quine/Vic Novak (Balligomingo) and emerging artist Amy Bee are also reviewed.The follow-up by Paul Schwartz and Lisbeth Scott entitled State Of Grace II and a retrospective collection of favourites by Clannad are reviewed. Link to additional reviews of albums by Leona Naess and Gwen Jennifer and second review of the latest album by Adeiemus from our home page.Three reviews in this month's digest include engaging interviews with stunning vocalists Hayley Westenra, Shelley Harland and Lizette von Panajot (Lizette&). We have also published new interviews with featured artist Kristy Thirsk, Michelle Coombes (Waking In The Blue) and Patricia Tapia (Nexx). Link to prior interviews with Emilie Autumn, Moya Brennan, Mariela Gonzalez and Laura Turner from our home page.

(26 December 2003)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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