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An ever-growing list of changes made to, and futherplans for, Musical Discoveries. Also check out thelatest news on our Featured Artists!

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Four New Mini-Features Online!

Steven Digman's album review and exclusive interview with Mary Black is online in this mini-feature. Get a unique insight into the artist's background and feelings about songwriting in this article. His Fire album review and recent interview with Magdalen Hsu-Li is also online in another mini-feature. Read about the formation of her label ChickPop Records!John Morley's review of the new album Fanatic and recent live performance of Jadis at The Brook in Southampton is included in this mini-feature. His review of Rick Wakeman's latest album Out There and live performance with the English Rock Ensemble at the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon is published in this mini-feature.John Morley's review of Magenta performing live on 02 May 2003 has been added to his review of the band's performance in Wales earlier this year. Click here to access it.

(11 May 2003)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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