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Karnataka and Mostly Autumn Confirmed for Trenton, NJ Live Performance!

Classic Rock Legends proudly presents Karnataka and Mostly Autumn at the US Classic Rock Festival being held at the Patriot's Theater, Trenton, NJ on October 5-6, 2002. With the release of Karnataka's stunning new album imminent this is an event that you won't want to miss. It is Karnataka's first US appearance and their show has been stepped up since the release of their DVD and is now even more in line with the sound of their new CD. You can find a comprehensive DVD review and interview here and a review of a recent live performance here.On Saturday October 5th the running order is Mostly Autumn (2PM), Asia (5PM) and Uriah Heep-electric (9:30PM). On Sunday October 6th the day opens with Karnataka (1PM) and continues with Focus (4PM), Nektar (7PM) concluding with Uriah Heep-acoustic (9PM). Further details are available here. If you can't make the concert, be sure to return here afterwards for photos, artist interviews and reviews of the US Classic Rock Festival 2002!

(23 August 2002)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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