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An ever-growing list of changes made to, and futherplans for, Musical Discoveries. Also check out thelatest news on our Featured Artists!

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Projeto Caleidoscopio, Lisbeth Scott, Paul Schwartz, Nightwish and Delerium Reviews Online!

In the run up to our next two Digests, reviews of five recordings are now available online individually. Read our review of the second album by Projeto Caleidoscopio, Carroussel and our first internet review of the latest solo album by Lisbeth Scott entitled Dove. You will also want to check out our review of Paul Schwartz' new album Earthbound featuring Lisbeth Scott on vocals and a review the new single by Nightwish entitled "Ever Dream" which includes their unique rendition of "Phantom Of The Opera." Our review of the two-CD album of Delerium remixes entitled Odyssey is also online.

(18 May 2002)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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